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Insidious Incorporated

Insidious Incorporated RolePlay
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This is a themed RP community. All the characters work for Insidious Incorporated a multi billion company who are currently the leading company in the world for PR and graphic design. Every character is given a job, a salary and an office. What you're given depends on your skill and your job. There is room for promotion you just have to know how to work the people at the top.

As an employee you may be subject to :
* Stress Management Courses
* Team Building Exercises
* Themed Days
* Staff Parties
* Evaluations
...and more.

You are expected to keep a diary of your social and work life and update it at least twice a week. Employees work standard 9-5 5 days a week although you can obviously work on if you would like to.

There will often be "Board Meetings" in which all employees will be invited into one room to discuss progress and such. This not only helps the business by keeping you informed on what's going on, but is also a social arena so people get to know each other better.

Attention to the community page is vital as important information from the Chairman and Director will be posted weekly.

As this is not related to music at all, you are allowed to take movie stars and television stars so that we can keep the community growing.

**Though it is not a rule, it would be appreciated if you could, when setting up your AIM account, have your characters name in it? I know from experience it's not easy to remember who is who in large communities.**

If you're wondering what job you can do here are the different rooms so try and slot yourself in : Mail room, Gym, Reception, Day Care, Accoutants, Lawyers, Web Monkeys, Graphics, Photographers, PR company and client, Social Organisers, Personal assistants.

Taken Characters :
Conor Oberst - Chairman
Jesse Lacey - Director
Zacky Vengeance - Graphic Designer
Jeremiah Rangel - Manager of Overseas Relations
Billy Martin - Director of Arts and Graphics
Sebastien Lefebvre - Chairman's Personal Assistant
Jeph Howard - Public Relations
Joel Madden - Photographer
Frank Iero - Photographer
Cone McCaslin - Public Relations
Pierre Bouvier - Photographer
Quinn Allman - Social Director
Robert McCracken - Social Organiser
Thora Birch - Lawyer
Sonny Moore - Mail Room Clerk
Andrew Mchanon - Mail Room Clerk

How to Apply to Join :
[1.] Go into the community and post a reply to the friends only post with :
- The Character You Would Like To Play
- What Job He/She Would Do
- Your AIM
- Your LJ for your character
[2.] Click "Join Community" [Make sure it is with the diary name you're going to be using for your character]
[3.] Wait to be Accepted.